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Log entry. Year :- 42,019. Globe Nazca lines. +Jehovuh+ super eternizing creator, signals anew plan. All aidful extraterrestrial, WELCOME. Year:- 39,921. +Jezus + enters solar system, after a 15,000 year interplanetary search, locates and alerts super mirific, code ORANGE. Milky-way. Planet :- Urph. (Earth). 2nd cosmographic superintellection after 40,000 years of interstellar guidance. Defeats attempts to terminate his 1st lifes infancy . His written word, Book of Palms and Revelations. Are commandeered, and plagiarized. Talk of universal extinction and Big Bang theology, enrich antiscripturist cult. As their climate destructors, view supernova as a future death star, blasting immediate space with another 360degree shower of flaming detritus. +Jezus + calls in reinforcement. Enter +qutakinder+. PLUS. God of computation.


#ExtinctionRebellion is born.